“The truth can only be found in one place: the code.”

— Robert C. Martin

We help our clients design, develop, and launch their products on the market. We free them from the hassles of new technologies and deployment on a multitude of web and mobile platforms. We advise our clients to stop clinging to old habits, and let us select the best technologies for their needs. Our greatest reward is turning your awesome ideas into reality.

While putting bits and bytes to work on many servers and mobile phones all over the world, we discovered that which really makes us tick: a playstation.

Soon enough, we started working on our own ideas...

Alien Band
They were here. Maybe a few of us felt that the day was somehow warmer and the heart offbeat. They didn't contact us, but they took something. Then, suddenly, they got back to us... the alien band.
Do you love maze solving challenges? Boy do we have a game for you! It starts like in any labyrinth game, you have one goal: find the quickest way out and slide your finger along the path towards the exit.
Journey to the right is a simple runner game that dramatically improves the overall quality of your life. It questions your dexterity and self esteem, occasionally attempting to make you throw your phone over the Atlantic Ocean while screaming at random bystanders.
Betty Boop on your Android device! Discover an awesome and entertaining way to keep track of scores while playing the game you love!

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